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Office of AandPI Academic Student Success

Welcome to the AandPI Retention Initiative

The Strategic Asian and Pacific Islander Retention Initiative (SAandPIRI) promotes academic excellence, connectedness, and empowering leadership for all students. SAandPIRI recognizes the diversity of the Asian and Pacific Islander (AandPI) diasporas at UC Davis in order to improve academic outcomes through culturally relevant programs and resources. With this in mind, the retention initiative supports the retention of historically marginalized AandPI students with a special focus on Filipinx, Southeast Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander populations.

Why AandPI?

Championing the addition of ‘and’ is a visible marker of connectivity and a micro-affirmation, making clear the intention of the retention initiative as a bridge to all of UC Davis for our Asian and Pacific Islander scholars. AandPI more accurately describes the diversity of our community and affirms our commitment to living the Principles of Community.

We are AandPI

API Retention Initiative Logo

Inclusivity, Resilience, Family, Community, Leadership, Journey, Goals, Strengths. These are the words which inspire our Asian and Pacific Islander graphic element. This graphic element was a year-long process and was developed in partnership with the scholars of our AandPI community. 

Visit Us at our new location, the University House Annex!

University House Annex