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About the AandPI Community Directory

44%[1] of the UC Davis undergraduate population self-identifies as Asian and Pacific Islander, while 33%[2] of the graduate population also self-identifies across these diasporas. This means these students self-identify across the 5 socio-political regions across the continent of Asia and the 3 socio-political regions across the Pacific Islands, including more than 60 countries.

It is important to showcase the multiplicity and diversity of the Asian and Pacific Islander diasporas in order to create a sense of belonging. In doing so, our students and scholars are more likely to feel a connection, rise up as leaders, and persist in their academic endeavors. When they see themselves across the university with their peers, amongst staff, graduate students, and faculty, our scholars may truly feel their identities are valued and celebrated.

The AandPI Directory aims to encourage purposeful storytelling, to invite members of the AandPI diasporas to amplify their voices and build relationships across campus. This is who we are and we are here to create intentional connections, build partnerships, and support each other along the way.

Who is AandPI

In an effort to be more inclusive of the diversity of the Asian and Pacific Islander diasporas, we acknowledge the multiplicity of identities beyond those historically listed under the ‘API’[3] acronym and continue to disaggregate as many identity categories to be more inclusive of our communities. As such, we invite all of our mixed status members, such as international and undocumented folks, to be part of this platform.

Goals of the AandPI Directory

  • Create visibility for the AandPI Community at UC Davis.
  • Connect members with each other across departments, programs, research projects, areas of study, and areas within the diasporas.
  • Foster a sense of belonging.
  • Identify mentors and provide resources for students, scholars, staff, and faculty.
  • Celebrate the diversity of the Asian and Pacific Islander identities.

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Instructions for filling out your community profile

When you click on the Join the Community! button, you will be asked to log in with your UC Davis credentials and then taken to a new page with a form. Below are instructions to help you fill out the form. Please note, you will always need to log in to see the community list and make edits to your profile.

First and Last Name: Please enter your first and last name, or whatever name you would like to have shown in the community list. (required)

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Department: If you are currently working at UC Davis, you can fill out your current home department. This may be different than your area of study or expertise.

Area of Study: Enter your area of study, you may enter more than one if that applies to you. Simply click on the appropriate area of study. To remove an area of study, click the X. (required)

Regions: Regions are set up hierarchically. For search and filtering it may be beneficial to select your region and the parent region(s). For example, if you were to select Kazakhstan as your region, you could also select Central Asia and Asia as parent regions. This can help others find you based on a larger regional search. (required)

Mentor: If you are interested or able to be a mentor, please select Yes from the dropdown. You may leave as None if you are not able.

Primary Image: You may enter a headshot or image of yourself here. We ask that you only upload images of yourself. If you do not upload an image, the AandPI graphic element will be added to your profile instead.

Biography: Please enter some information about yourself.

Additional Options: You can leave this blank, nothing entered here will show up in your profile.

Once you click the Save button at the bottom, your profile will be saved as a draft that a staff member will review and publish. We generally review submissions once per week. Once your profile is published, you can make edits by finding your profile in the community list and clicking the Edit button that appears near the top of your profile. If you have any questions about the process or are having issues with entering or editing a profile, please contact us at

[1] As of Winter 2022, 13920 enrolled undergraduates identify as AandPI out of the total 31,657 degree seeking undergraduate students enrolled in Fall 2021.

[2] As of Winter 2022, 1673 enrolled graduate and professional students identify as AandPI out of the total graduate academic population enrolled in Fall 2021.