Professional Development Services

Empowering Leadership is the advancement of leadership exploration through internship, research, cultural, and professional development opportunities. Our scholar leadership cohorts engage in these opportunities in several ways throughout the academic year. 

Community Organizers  

The community organizers serve as primary scholar liaisons for SAandPIRI. As scholar staff representatives, they work closely with student and community organizations in the planning, development, and coordination of SAandPIRI events and activities in support of the Asian and Pacific Islander diasporas.

Opportunities to apply are made available via Handshake and minimum qualifications include: 

  • 8-12 hours per week 
  • 3 quarter commitment 
  • Required summer training and new staff orientation 
  • Good academic standing when position begins 
  • Participate in weekly staff meetings 

For more information about the application process, contact our Associate Director, Chris Pangelina at  

Research and Honors | 92, 192, 194-H  

Research with SAandPIRI provide students the opportunity to obtain academic experience to compliment their educational goals while earning units towards degree. Consent of major is required when seeking academic credit. A report or poster describing how concepts and practices learned while conducting research focusing on topics around Asian and Pacific Islander retention and its intersection to the program of study is required. Students may earn 92/192 units or complete 194-H Special Study for Honors pending department approval. 

Internship Cohorts | ASA 98, 198 

In partnership with the Asian American Studies Department, students and scholars interested in leadership development, collaborative opportunities, and engaging with the AandPI community at UC Davis are encouraged to apply to join the SAandPIRI intern cohorts. Internships provide students the opportunity to explore potential career interests while earning units towards degree. By joining the SAandPIRI intern cohorts, our interns will:   

  • Recognize the importance of collaboration 
  • Develop cultural competency skills
  • Participate in diverse community engagement activities
  • Engage in leadership and professional development opportunities 
  • Demonstrate a sense of belonging 

Interns will earn 1 unit of credit each quarter (fall/winter/spring) they participate. For transcript notation, a minimum of 40 hours per quarter, in addition to significant experiential learning components, assignments, and/or projects are required. For more information about how to join, contact our associate director Chris Pangelina at